24 November 2010


I always liked this commercial from the early '90s for Japanese clothing line Renown when I lived in Japan.

I found out recently the song was originally done by Sylvie Vartan for a Renown commercial in the '60s.

I guess there were other commercials between the two. They are all kinda weird and fun.

07 November 2010


I bought Smell Bent's first anniversary limited edition scent One. I had tested it in the perfume oil, but ended up buying a 55 ml bottle of it in eau de toilette. It arrived last week, but I was unable to try it as I was in the middle of my week-long Dzing! scent challenge.

After midnight last night, I finally sprayed some on. It does remind me of Dzing! Per the Smell Bent web site, One smells of "aging paperbacks buried under cardamom, dark vanilla, dry wood and sweet musk." It is not as complex as Dzing!, and is somewhat louder and sweeter. More vanilla-y, no leather. One is supposed to be a limited edition that was not to be available after October 31. However, it is still on sale by Smell Bent. I really like it. I hope they add it to the permanent collection.

02 November 2010


March at Perfume Posse is having a "Scent Challenge," and I have chosen Dzing! to be the scent I wear for a week exclusively. I don't think this will be difficult, as I wore the same thing every day until about a year ago. I have been in the mood for Dzing! lately.

I recently tried Smell Bent's limited edition One, which smells kind of similar. I have only smelled One in the oil, but I ordered a bottle of the edt, which should come some time this week. I will be interested in comparing the two.