13 January 2013

Duty Free

So, after almost two weeks of spending no money in Japan, I get to Narita, go through immigration, and what do I do? I head straight for Hermès!

I ended up getting the gift set with four 15 ml bottles of:  Poivre Samarcande, Vanille Galante, Iris Ukiyoé, and Santal Massoïa (one each). It did turn out to be cheaper than had I bought the set here.  It was certainly cheaper than if you had bought it at a Japanese Hermès boutique.  I can't say I am super nuts about any of them, but that may change.  I know I don't like everyone's favorite Vétiver Tonka, and Brin de Réglisse didn't do anything for me. Maybe I could have gotten Paprika Brasil instead of the Vanille which, if I remember, is more a lily than vanilla.

12 January 2013

Flying Home

I'm going to leave for Narita now, hopefully getting on a plane.   I probably will sit in Economy Class, in a middle seat.  The flight looks better tomorrow, but, for some reason, Naoki wants me to leave today.  I probably should have left Friday. The flight was wide open.  Wish me luck! I really don't want to go home.

11 January 2013

Golden Bat

I've been smoking Golden Bat cigarettes this week, because they are cheap.  Back in the '80s, I used to smoke Camel straights. When I moved to Japan, they only had Camel filters.  So the closest thing I could find were Golden Bats.  They were 90 yen a pack, which at the time was like 90 cents.  They are now 200 yen a pack.  Anyway, it's been over 20 years since I first came here.  I usually smoke American Spirit, and you can find them in Japan (I actually started smoking them here), but they are not nearby.  So I have been smoking Golden Bats. Surprisingly, they are not harsh.  Actually, back home I roll my own because cigarette costs are so prohibitive (it's over $100 a carton now in Chicago!).


Today I wore Boxeuses (I didn't wear a fragrance yesterday).  I'm not sure I like this on me.  Mainly because of the fruit.  I like it more than Daim Blond, which I don't like at all.  But both are fruity leathers.  I think the fruit here is what kills it for me.  I didn't mind wearing it, but just don't think I would get a bottle of it.

Image from Bois de Jasmin.

09 January 2013

La Myrrhe

Today I wore La Myrrhe.  Well, I don't think it's me, really.  I think I prefer the root beer goodness of Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente.  But... you never know.

Image from Barneys.

08 January 2013

Iris Silver Mist

Today, I've been wearing Iris Silver Mist. It's nice, but I so far don't find it all that different from other irises I have.  I have Hermès Hiris and L'Artisan Parfumeur Iris Pallida.  I'll have to compare them when I get home.  I realize that Iris Silver Mist came first.  Just don't know if I need to get a bell jar....

Image from Perfume Shrine.

07 January 2013

Mets Cola

I'm drinking Mets Cola, which is made by Kirin.  I went shopping for Coke Zero this morning (they don't have Diet Pespi anywhere, only Pepsi Nex, which is lemony, which I don't like, so I've been drinking Coke Zero).  Anyway, the drugstore had this stuff called Mets Cola, and it said zero calories, or thereabouts, so I bought  a bottle.

I looked it up, and it appears that it came out last spring.  It contains "an indigestible form of dextrin that can be used as a fibre supplement and restricts the body's ability to absorb fat when eating." Not to be outdone, Pepsi has come out with something similar here called Pepsi Special.  I saw smaller bottles at the grocery store this morning, but didn't know what it was, so didn't get it.  I wanted a 1.5 litre bottle or bigger, as well.

Mets Cola doesn't taste bad, so maybe I'll drink that the rest of my stay here instead of Coke Zero!

Image from Japan Today.

Bois et Musc

Today, Bois et Musc. Nothing to add quite yet. Yeah it does smell like Feminite du Bois.

Image from Perfume Shrine.

06 January 2013

El Attarine

Today, El Attarine.  This is the one I've liked best so far this stay.

Image from Fragrantica. 

05 January 2013

Encens at Lavande

Today, I'm wearing Encens et Lavande.  People say they like it more than Gris Clair..., to which they compare it since they both have lavender and incense.  From the get-go, E&L is rather mustier so far.  Gris Clair... is certainly stronger smelling, and perhaps sweeter.  I've said before, I prefer Gris Clair... dabbed to sprayed. I really don't like it sprayed.  Here, natch, I'm dabbing from a sample.  I'll report more later. I'm going to sleep.

OK... later. I still get musty.  Don't think I'll be plunking down $300 for a bell jar. 
Image from Barneys New York web site. 

04 January 2013


For those of you who don't speak Japanese, the two cats, in a longer version of the commercial, are talking about how bored they are.  The larger cat notices that the roof on another building is different, then the other cat reacts.  This shortened version cuts to the chase.  I figured most people who read this wouldn't speak Japanese and would just be bored watching most of the commercial.  Naoki makes this face all the time, although he said I make this face all the time.   It's a commercial for a roofing company.


I'm trying Mandarine-mandarin today.  I've had it on for a bit.  To be honest, it seems very light on my skin.  Slightly indolic orange, a little smoky, as they say.  I don't get much of an impression from it.  Perhaps it will smell different later on.  I do not get candied oranges as some have said.  I was kind of expecting this to be overpoweringly sweet and syrupy, but no.  People complain about L'Artisan being light.  Hmmmm.

Photo from Perfume Shrine.

02 January 2013

Serge Samples

As usual, I brought a bunch of samples with me to wear to Japan.  Since I had gotten them pretty recently, I brought samples of Serge Lutens De Profundis, Mandarine Mandarin, Boxeuses, La Myrrhe, Bois et Musc, Encens et Lavande, Iris Silver Mist, Rahät Loukoum, and El Attarine [I just realized -- I don't have Fourreau Noir here.].  I had gotten the samples since the bell jars had become available in the US.  There are still a few that I don't have samples of.... but this will do.   I figure I can do a bunch of full wearings while I'm here, since I may be here two weeks or so. 

Happy New Year From Japan

Naoki came to Chicago on Saturday.  Yesterday we flew out to Tokyo and got into Nagoya tonight.  So I'm in Nagoya now for a bit.  Luckily, we got business class coming to Narita. This is the first time I have flown since PSS.  I'll keep on the lookout for the loads on the way home.  I'm off until the 15th.