20 March 2015

This Month's Bag Event

So Carmon decided she couldn't go.  Her mother in Iowa is ill, and she had too much on her mind and would be driving there for the weekend.  So... I went back to sleep that day.

I did go the next day by myself, and got Aedes de Venustas Copal Azur (I keep wanting to type "Azul"), which I like very much, thank you.

For those of you afeared of the threatened marine notes, no, it is not all melon-y or Caloney. I can see it perhaps getting on my nerves if I had to smell it all day, though.

Anyway, that is what I got. It didn't cost me full price, as I had a $115 gift card. Anyway, it qualified me for a bag-o-samples, which I gave to Carmon. This year, they said they would have man bags.  But, wouldn't you know it, they ran out of those within minutes the sale started.

I went on Saturday again with Gisela, because she really wanted to go. My SA Patty got me looking at Nomad Two Worlds Raw Spirit -- Wild Fire, which is kinda sorta interesting, but smells like something else I have, I'm not sure what. Anyway, it wasn't too expensive, and I figured Gisela would buy something else in that range, and, added up, we would get to $200 and Gisela could get her bag. No dice, Gisela wouldn't buy anything.

I had wanted to get something Comme des Garçons. Now Barneys' selection of Comme des Garçons is very limited.  I wanted to get Zagorsk, but, as usual, all the SAs steered me away from that (they are kind of like that with all the Comme des Garçons, when you think about it). Anyway, winter is on its way out. SO I was going to get White.  But they had none in stock.

Some new SA and Gisela convinced me to get Etro Jacquard, which comes in a purty bottle and is nice n all, but really not me, and I ended up spending more than I had wanted.

I did get a free gift of a 10 ml atomizer of Etro Rajasthan, which comes in a really pretty bottle, too.  It is less like me than Jacquard, but I figure I could give it to someone as a present some time.

All in all, eventful.  I went with Gisela to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  It was packed -- the day of the St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago.  Our co-worker, Laura, works there weekends, and we did run into her, too, but she was on her way home. I had a mushroom burger, which is what would normally get there. However, it had this weird petrochemical taste to me this time.  So, no need to ever go to Cheesecake Factory ever again, except to see Laura.

Gisela, who, I think, does not get out much, was still raring to go, and ended up meeting another co-worker, Maria, and headed out to a casino in Indiana. I was tired, as I had met Gisela during my usual sleeping hours, and went home to sleep.

11 March 2015

Spring, Maybe, is Coming

Weather is sorta warming up.

I got a bottle of KenzoAir Intense.  I have the original KenzoAir, but have yet to compare the two.

The bottle is bluer and not as clouded as the original.

I also got these shoes (Ann Demeulemeester, on sale, naturally):

Barneys is having their bag event this week.  I am supposed to go tomorrow with Carmon, my building manager.  If she can't go, I may just go Friday.  Stay tuned!