26 February 2015

Bearing the Cold

A bit back, I got a bottle of Serge Lutens Serge Noire.   I'm pretty happy with it.  Of course I didn't get this bottle.

Also available was L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numéro 9, which I bought blind.  I've read it described as a cologne.  I find it very similar to Parfum d'Empire Yuzu Fou, which, while citrus, is certainly not a cologne. They're almost too similar, so no need to own both, which now I do.  Numéro 9 is not as loud as Yuzu Fou, though.

I also got these shoes, which get me nothing but compliments:

They're Alexandre Plokhov, if yer interested.

Here's a pic of my feet wearing 'em someone took at work.  The above pic's color is more accurate, for some reason.

22 January 2015

Back from Japan

After about a week and a half in Japan, I am back.  I have two more days, less now, left before I go back to work Friday night.

My bottle of Aedes de Venus's awaited me when I returned, and I am glad to report that I am extremely happy with this purchase.  It is much better than I remember it being.  People referred to it as Jubilation XXV lite -- I don't quite get that.  I have never really been a fan of the Amouage.  It's not bad.  I just never saw what people were all worked up about. L'Artisan's Aedes de Vensuas, nosed by Bertrand Douchaufour, is really beautiful.  It's a shame it is being discontinued. Plus, it was a real steal.

At Narita, I ventured into the Hermès shop.  The SAs this trip didn't seem to know much.  Much of the stock in the smaller bottles was low or out.  I sampled Epice Marine.  I liked it, and may have gotten 15 ml as part of the set had it been there.  They didn't have the recent Cuir d'Ange, which I was also interested in trying.  I ended up getting a 100 ml bottle of Rose Ikebana -- which was kind of what I had been planning all along.

Since it was kind of duty free, and with the stronger dollar to yen lately, it only ran me about $180, where it is normally $240 plus tax at Hermès boutiques, so not a bad deal.  This is my second full bottle of one of the Hermessence line, the first being Osmanthe Yunnan.

10 January 2015

The New Year

I'm here right now in Japan.  I got here the night of the 9th.  It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm up because, well, jet lag.

First, some news.  I got that job full time that I've been doing for the past six months occasionally.  I officially started this month.  So, I am happy.  My hours are going to be the midnight shift, so I really shouldn't be jet-lagged. I'll be here in Japan for two weeks or so, so hopefully will adjust in time to go back to work and then not experience jet lag back home.

I forgot to pack perfume samples so I will be scentless for the next two weeks, unless I decide to wear what Naoki has: Terre D'Hermès parfum, Alain Delon Samourai, or Givenchy Insense Aquamarine.  I wouldn't mind the Hermès, but not every day. The other two, no thanks.

Since I last posted, I bought a bottle of 10 Corso Como.

Before I left a very cold Chicago, I ordered a bottle of the L'Artisan Aedes de Venustas from a few years back, which is being discontinued, since Aedes de Venustas started all over again. I just chanced upon the L'Artisan web site, and they were having a sale.  Oddly (as it was only ever for sale on the Aedes web site), among the sale items was the Aedes de Venustas edp. Normally, I think it runs $180 for 100 ml. It was on sale for something like $40! So I grabbed it. 

Yesterday, Naoki and I went out for tonkatsu.  Today, we're going out for hitsumabushi.  Seriously, I'm trying to diet.

Somewhat interestingly, yesterday I was on this social web site, and this guy started chatting with me.  He lives in Yamagata-ken, teaching English on the JET Program. I mentioned that I had been on the JET Program for three years.  He's a young'un -- 25 years old.  It wasn't until I woke up jet-lagged in the middle of the night that I realized that I had started working on the JET Program in 1989 -- the year this young feller WAS BORN.

Yikes! I am getting old.

22 December 2014

End of the Year

A few weeks back, I ordered a couple of things, which came last week.

First, I got Serge Lutens Five O'Clock au Gingembre.  I was thinking it was close to Tea For Two.  However, they really don't resemble each other much, with the Serge being more along the lines of Daim Blond than I remember....

I was really in the mood for tea, so I also ordered Gucci Pour Homme II, which I remember being a nice tea scent.  However, I was very disappointed with it when it arrived,  It smells a lot more chemical than I remember it.  Maybe it's been reformulated.  Sadly, Gucci Pour Homme (I) is nowhere to be found. I do have a sample of that.

The Gucci bottle is kind of impressive.  You could probably kill someone with it, it's so heavy. A murder weapon in a Peckinpah film (I'm thinking of the use of the telephone at the beginning of The Naked Kiss).

From another store, I ordered a travel set of Amouage Gold Man, which was relatively cheap.  The one ounce of juice will probably last me a lifetime.  Gold still has that opening which could peel paint off a wall, but I've always liked the drydown a lot.

I also ordered Epic Man shower gel, which was really impressively packaged.  I never would think of giving someone shower gel for a gift, but the packaging is so nice I might do that in the future. I should have gotten some Christmas presents along those lines.  Now it's too late, alas, to order online in time for Christmas.

This is the bottle, which is kind of nothing special. The box, however, is very heavy, almost a piece of wood.  The box below is for Gold, but it looks similar to the Epic Man box. The colors are a bit different.

Maybe I'm easily impressed.

07 December 2014

Got Some Things....

Following my success with Chaos and Black Cashmere, I decided to buy a bottle, blind, of Donna Karan's Fuel For Men.

Well, there you go with blind buys.  I am not so nuts about it.  It reminds me, a lot, of Baldessarini, which I do not like at all. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I also got another pair of shoes.

They're nice, but I was expecting them to be yellower. They are comfortable, though.

Fuel for Men photo from amazon.com.
Shoe photo from Diemmefootwear.com.

02 November 2014


I've been circling around these Vivienne Westwood PVC brogues for a long time now.  I normally hate wingtips, but I like these.

I also got these Adidas x Opening Ceremony pony hair sneakers.  I discover that pony hair doesn't come from ponies!

31 October 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!

My usual sales assistant at Barneys, Andy, has left and is now working at Neiman Marcus.  I went to Barneys on Wednesday to see what they had of interest.  A bunch of other sales assistants swarmed all over me trying to help.  I must be a pretty lucrative customer to get so much attention.  The sales assistant I used prior to Andy, Patty, was there, and I would like her to get the commissions if she could.  She got sidetracked while the other people were all over me, so I decided to leave without getting anything. I told Patty I would come back later in the week. She said she would not be there Friday (today), so....

Yesterday, I stopped into Saks.  I wanted to try the Dior Collection Priveé.  I was able to do this, but he SA there kept trying to second guess what I liked, so I left, annoyed. I also wanted to try the Cartier Les Heures de Parfum, since they were advertised on the Saks website and there were many I have not yet smelled. Sadly, there were none of Les Heures on site.  I suppose I could have just walked a few blocks to the Cartier store. At the Saks Cartier counter, some lady sprayed me with Pasha, or some flanker of Pasha.  Whatever it was, it was a hateful woody amber, and pretty much ruined my whole day for trying anything else!

I went again to Barneys.  Well, Patty was not there.  Again, the SAs were all over me.  In loyalty to Patty, I figured I would get something that was not so expensive and save that for whenever Patty was there.  So, I got Comme des Garçons 2 Man, which I always figured I would get.

In the mad flurry to get my sale, the various SAs showered me with various samples, including Helmut Lang Cuiron, which I had been interested in trying.  I got an enormous (maybe 3 ml) sample of Serge Lutens L'Incendiaire, the new $600 for 50 ml Serge.  Very nice, but not $600 worth of nice.  At least not at this second. In its defense, it is extraît. Fortunately, the sample should last me six months or more!

Well, today is Hallowe'en. Looks crappy out.  It was snowing a bit earlier, but has stopped. I was thinking of going to Neiman's to check on Andy. I was told he is working the Creed counter.  I'm not a super Creed fan, so do not foresee Andy getting much of my business. Who knows?  Maybe I'll find some Creed I like.  I almost never voluntarily walk into Neiman's, though, and will only do so to see Andy.

Anyway, Happy Hallowe'en!

Photo from LuckyScent web site.