20 March 2017

Sweet Redemption

When this first came out there was a lot of love online.  I think Patty from Perfume Posse sent me a sample. And  you know? I really didn't like it much.  All I got was baby aspirin.

Anyway, I had a sample lying around since then (it was released in 2011). Maybe my ideas of orange and orange blossom have changed since then. I've developed love for Serge's Mandarine-Mandarin, Fendi Theorema. The sample was sitting in a tray where I watch TV and I just tried it one day and I've changed my mind!

So I got a bottle of By Kilian Sweet Redemption in the coffin and everything at a good price from Notino.

13 March 2017

I've Gotta Stop

Okay, so the bag event.   I bought a bell jar of Muscs Koublaï Khän, which i have been meaning to buy for a while.  I do still have MKK in the spray bottle, but I feel it belongs in a bell jar.  Likewise, Bornéo 1834, which I will no doubt get the next bag event.

I also got L'Incendiaire (50ml).  Yes, I know I know, I just got Veilleurs de Nuit so TWO Section d'Or bottles in a month or so.  I did have over $100 in Barneys gift cards, so the damage wasn't quite so bad.

I won't be able to confess any of this on Now Smell This's quarterly confession.

I was, if it's any consolation, showered with both men's and women's bags and extras.

07 March 2017

Contre Bombarde 32

I rodered, blind SAUF Contre Bombarde 32 (50 ml).  A very nice incense.  I saw it compared to UNUM LAVS.  While they are both incense, they are different.  The SAUF is less churchy, if you ask me.  Nice bottle!

I also ordered a small (10 ml) bottle of Hiram Green Dilettante.  If I go through this I'll get a full bottle.  Very nice and skanky orange blossom.

The bag event at Barneys is this week, so I suppose I'll be getting something there, if anything strikes my fancy.  I do have about $100 in gift cards to use.

24 February 2017

Veilleur de Nuit

I went kind of nuts and got Serge Lutens Veilleur de Nuit (50 ml). It's a very understated chocolate floral.... Yes, I have buyer's remorse of a sort.  It is really nice, though.  'Nuff said.

29 January 2017

It's Been a Bit

Sorry.... was having keyboard troubles for a while there.  Couldn't return.  I did buy a bunch of things, but, alas, they are lost to history on here.  Ha ha.

Recenlty, I got a mere three items.  First, I got L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numéro 3 (100 ml) because it's there.  It's ok.  Nothing remarkable.  Can't imagine someone paying big bucks for it as a bespoke fragrance.

Next, I got Comme des Garçons Series 2: Red Harissa (50ml). Hmmmm.  Yet another Duchaufour..... Again, it's ok.  I think it's been discontinued.

Finally, I got Richard James Savile Row (50 ml).  Well, it's a fougère.  Nothing terribly great.  The way everyone on Basenotes raves about it.... Again, this may be a reformualtion.

I will try and stay current.

30 October 2016


I'm nearing completion of the Comme de Garçons incense series with a recent purchase of Zagorsk.  Only Jaisalmer to go .

Also read nothing but niceness surrounding Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Chinchilla. So I ordered a 30 ml bottle of it.  Honey whatever chypre.  Hmmm, I hate the expression, but maybe a little too old lady.  Smells like one of my grandmothers. I dunno.

20 October 2016

Red Aoud

Years ago, when I was trying everything I could, I ordered a bunch of Montale samples, incuding Black Aoud and Red Aoud.  At the time I felt Red Aoud to be to perfumey and gave the sample to my mother. I've grown rather weary of Montale, as they all seem to smell alike, but last week I saw Red Aoud on sale, so I grabbed it.  You know? I actually like it.

I also got a bottle of Lanvin Avante Garde, of which I had read good things online. It's ok.  Does not thrill me.  Yet another woody amber.  It was very cheap, though, so no worries.