28 May 2016


Following Luca Turin's glowing review, I ordered a bottle of Auphorie's Miyako (30 ml).

It is very nice.  I need to wear it more to form a lucid opinion, but, in general, it's good.

I also got a bottle of Comme des Garçons/Artek Standard, 100 ml.

This will be very nice in the summer.

Naoki and I just got back from Puerto Rico.  It's finally hot in Chicago.

14 May 2016


Parfum1 has been having deals of 20% off lately.  I was thinking of getting Serge Lutens L'Incendiare, but unwilling to even shell out the $400 plus needed to do that.  I was interested in a recent Montale:  Honey Aoud. Trebor at Scent for Thought gave it a good review (he is kind of a Montale expert and pretty unforgiving about what he likes and does not like). Gaia at The Non-Blonde also reviewed it positively.  So I ordered it.

It's nice, if sweet.  Cinnamon, but not any oud from what I can tell. Also, the drydown is a bit powdery.  Still, there seems to be a recent trend for honey/oud scents (see also Floris Honey Oud and Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair -- this last I've tried and, again, while nice, not a lotta oud.  As if I would know the real thing.). Anyway, I like this, in my continued honey hunt.

Bruno Fazzolari teamed up with Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo to issue a limited edition of an alleged perfumer game of The Exquisite Corpse called, appropriately enough, Cadavre Exquis. Only 99 bottles were issued worldwide. Well, I've got one of 'em.

Again, very sweet.  Well it's supposed to be a gourmand. It comes in a plastic ziplock bag of sorts, along with some candies-- including a Mary Jane! -- and a booklet. It's kind of how I imagined Prada Candy to smell (I have no idea).

These might be rough summer wearing.

22 April 2016


So anyway, I ordered, using miles, this Breville Tea Maker.

I was never notified that it had been shipped. So one morning, I'm asleep, and my doorbell rings, and it's a delivery service.  They brought the package up, which I needed to sign for.  The only other package I was expecting was a Swiffer I had ordered from Amazon.  So, I'm really pissed that they woke me up, incredulous that I'd have to sign for a Swiffer, throw the package on the floor in scorn and try going back to bed.

Fast forward to the next week.  I'm walking past the building manager's office for my condo. The manager says I have a package.  I wasn't expecting anything after the Swiffer, so I open the package, and it was the Swiffer.  I go back up into my apartment and open the package I had received the previous week, and, you guessed it, it's the tea maker. Seriously, I could have smashed it to smithereens.

So since then, I've been looking for loose tea in my area.  I know I could go to Teavana or David's Tea or Argo Tea, but there are none around here and I sleep during the day (when they'd be open).  Mariano's has tea bags, mostly.  There are a few loose teas in the Roundy's brand. I end up getting a bag of Earl Grey.  But, you know? I'm not really fond of Earl Grey, so it remains unopened.  I finally get around to going to a Jewel, and nope.  They don't have any loose teas.  I could have sworn you could get loose teas pretty easily at supermarkets around here.  Maybe it was at Dominick's, now discontinued.

So today I go to Whole Foods, which I figure, as they are such snobs about everything they sell, that they would be tea snobs and have loose tea on sale.  Not a single one! Well at least I could keep my record for not spending a single cent in the Whole Foods that replaced my nearby Dominick's.

So, I ended up ordering a bunch of teas from Amazon.com.  They should be delivered in a couple of days.  I'll finally be able to try this machine out.  I don't know how useful it will be for green teas, since  you just swish hot water around for a minute or so in a little pot with the leaves from my experience. I guess I could have gotten one of those pots that boil water at the proper temperature and it would have worked the same.  Zojirushi makes one that sells for only $50 less than this tea maker, so it's not really as outrageously priced as first appears.  I'm just not sure how useful it will be in the long run.  Although if I can make a whole pot of delicious green tea that would be a plus.

15 April 2016

More Comme des Garçons

I went to Barneys today. Was kind of interested in which Comme des Garçons they might have.  They used to have Sequoia and  Daphne, but not any longer.  Their supplies are always a bit spotty.  They don't carry everything in the lineup.  So it's not always any indication if anything is discontinued or not.

So I ended up getting two fragrances.  First, Odeur 71, 200 ml, which I had always intended on getting.

The bottle is just so dang big!

The second I got was Monocle Scent Three: Sugi, 50 ml.

I wasn't expecting the bottle to be an opaque yellow.

I had wanted to get Artek: Standard and, while they had a tester, had none in stock.

12 April 2016

Comme des Garçons


Looks like Comme des Garçons may be cleaning house.  I was hoping to get a bottle of Series 1: Leaves Tea.  Fortunately, Amazon.com had one for sale through a third-party vendor and it arrived yesterday.  I quite like it.

But it looks as if the Leaves series is perhaps being phased out.  No one seems to carry the line any longer, including Dover Street Market.  Ditto the Red Series and Daphne. Mystifyingly, the Energy C series is still around.

On my wish lists have been Calamus, Harissa (which is still available through Lucky Scent, as is Carnation), Palisander, and perhaps Sequoia. I'm hoping it's just a temporary lack of availability, and that all will become available again. I have not heard a thing about any discontinuations.

29 March 2016

Au Delà ー Narcisse des Montagnes

On 22 March, I received an email from Bruno Fazzolari announcing the availability of 50 bottles of Au Delà ー Narcisse des Montagnes once more.  I immediately ordered one.  It arrived on 26 March, and languished in my building's office manager's office until yesterday, when I was finally able to retrieve it. As we speak, there are only four left for sale. Allegedly, this will be the last time Fazzolari will offer the perfume "in this formulation", whatever that means.

I had meant to get a bottle last time it was available (last fall), but dithered around so much until they were all gone.

Anyway, it's beautiful and I'm glad I got it.

22 March 2016

New Things

I'm a big fan of Etat Libre d'Orange Rien, so I thought I'd pick up a bottle of Rien Intense Incense (100 ml).  Having gotten the bottle, I agree that it is not significantly different from the original, except in the top notes.  The incense is indeed intensified, and there is less skank than would be desired.

They probably should have called it something else, considering they have been mixing some of their scents to make new ones recently. Still, I'm glad I own it.

I also got a bottle of Rochas Tocade (100 ml), which really may not be me. But it was only $20 or so. I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Maurice Roucel's fragrances (although I could probably nap all day in that mustache he used to sport).  Off the top of my head, I'm not super happy with Rochas Man or Musc Ravageur, but love KenzoAir and KenzoAir Intense. Tocade seems nice, if sweet.  Not particulary feminine.  It's been around for years so probably has been reformulated.

The current version is an eau de toilette.  Somewhere I have a sample (purchased at Rei Rien - remember them? She had great inventory) of Tocade in either eau de parfum or parfum,  I wonder why they don't make those any more.  I recall it being quite beautiful.  I'll have to search for it later.

Continuing my honey hunt, I got Demeter Honey (30 ml) to go with the Beeswax.  Again, not expecting a lot, but it seems more honey than the Beeswax was.