15 April 2018

Catching Up

I won't go into much here today, but I've gotten a bunch of things:

D.S. and Durga Burning Barbershop, 50 ml.
Etat Libre d'Orange Antihéros, 50 ml.
Bruno Fazzolari Unsettled, 30 ml.
Kiehl's Original Musk Oil, 14 ml.
Marlou 50 ml d'Ambiguité.
Imaginary Authors A City on Fire, 14 ml.
Serge Lutens Bourreau des Fleurs, 50 ml.
Serge Lutens Dent de Lait, 50 ml.
Jean Patou Colony, 100 ml.
Tauer Perfumes Attar AT, 5 ml.
Comme des Garçons 125 Vogue, 100 ml.
Kilian Sacred Wood, 30 ml.
Kilian Noir Aphrodisiaque, 50 ml.

Bourreau des Fleurs is fantastic, and I want to talk about it more. I'll have another post and bring in some of the others in my discussion, because it will all be about skank and burnt smells.  I've just been a bit busy lately to write anything.


20 March 2018

Etat Libre d'Orange

I've been on an orange blossom kick lately.  I've been making samples of various fragrances for someone at work.  I had a mini of ELDO Divin'Enfant  and was, like hmmmmm.  I gave my co-worker the mini and decided to order a full bottle (50 ml).

Now that I have a full bottle, though, I'm not getting much orange blossom and it comes across kinda screechy.  Well, I'll give it more time but for the time being I'm not convinced.

I also ordered a bottle of Une Amourette  -- Roland Mouret (30 ml) blind.  It's got a bunch of great reviews and thought it might be worth it.

I've not given it a full wearing yet, but, from what I've smelled it seems kind of buttery. Kind of like La Fin du Monde in a way.

Anyway, I like the brand and am glad I'm trying more.

17 March 2018


Continuing with my love of Bruno Fazzolari scents, I picked up Ummagumma (30 ml). I was expecting it to smell sort of like Cadavre Exquis, but no. It is sweet but not that sweet.

It does have chocolate, but the tobacco and leather kind of cut it. To be honest, I've never been much of a Pink Floyd fan, so that part doesn't really resonate with me (reminds me of my troubled teens).  I did get the poster as well!

I finally got a bottle of Comme des Garçons Jaisalmer (50 ml). I was not expecting to like it much and it is actually quite a beautiful incense.

It's really weird but the staff at Barneys always seems to steer me away from Comme des Garçons, so I ordered it online.

I got a travel size of Frédéric Malle Monsieur. (10 ml).  It kind of reminds me of Comme des Garçons Luxe: Patchouli, although not quite as interesting. I guess extra added levels of patchouli don't make that much of a difference. 10 ml will last me quite a while.

I did get another but I want to devote more space to it, so I'll have another post.

01 January 2018

End of Year

I was good and didn't buy any perfume for about two months! How weird!

I did get two bottles at the end of the year, both which didn't break the bank.

The first is Tauerville Patch Flash (30ml), which I had heard good things about. To be honest, it's ok.   A kinda dirty patchouli, along the lines of L'Artisan's Patchouli Patch.  Kind of head shoppy. But very reasonably priced and I think I even had a discount on top of that.

I had been reading a lot of good things about A Lab on Fire's Paris*LA (60 ml), so I thought I'd give it a try.  I was curious about the macaron-cola notes.  It certainly is very fizzy on top, but I'm not sure of cola. Compared with Lubin's Bluff and L'Artisan's Mon Numéro 10, which have genuine cola vibe to them, it falls a bit short.  Also:  I am confused when people refer to it as gourmand, as it doesn't smell edible at all. But I like it okay, and will probably wear it once in a while.

20 October 2017

L'Haleine des Dieux

Serge Lutens's Section d'Or has been, to say the least, controversial, due, largely, to the pricing. I think a lot of people have dismissed the line because of that, seeing it as some sort of soulless bid for the luxury market.  I have, now, three in the line.

Previously, I got L'Incendiare and Veilleur de Nuit plus a mini of Cannibale.  But when I first tried the line out, the standout to me was L'Haleine des Dieux (50 ml).  It took me up until now to finally get a bottle.  I haven't read many positive reviews of it (there are a few on Fragrantica). It just works very well on my skin.  It is very quiet and close to the skin.

Patty at Perfume Posse never tried this one, skipping it as it listed somewhere a pine note.  She was concerned it would be piney like Fille en Aiguilles or Chypre Rouge, which she didn't like (neither do I).  I really don't get the pine note at all here.  Some have compared it to Ambre Sultan, which I also dislike. I really don't get that either.  It doesn't have the herbal quality of Ambre Sultan.

Barneys lists the notes as amber, clary sage,  cashmeran and musk. Basenotes adds leather, cistus, pine balm, and vanilla, which seems about right.  More resinous-y than piney.

I also picked up a bell jar of Bornéo 1834.  I already have it in the 50 ml sprayer that was available briefly.  I've always wanted a bell jar of it, though.  Along with Muscs Koublaï Khän, I think the scent  really suits that presentation.  For some reason it just makes sense to me.

18 October 2017

¡Ay, Hatshepsut!

I've been meaning to get a bottle of Charenton Macerations Eye, Hatshepsut (30 ml), so I did.  Don't love it as much as Christopher Street, but it's good. And affordable!  Not as off-putting as you'd expect.

I also picked up Bvlgari's Eau Parfumée au Thé Noir (75 ml).  It's ok.  Not exciting.  This and Bleu are my least favorite of the series.  My favorite is Rouge, and it's been discontinued. I've never been a fan of Vert, oddly.  Doesn't smell remotely like green tea, whereas Rouge certainly smells true-to-life.

Finally, I bought Montale's White Aoud (50 ml) blind. I don't know what to think.   The bottle is itty-bitty.  Those 100 ml bottles are like three times the size. And it's glazed.

03 October 2017


I went to Japan for two weeks back in the beginning of September, so put my buying on hold.  I meant to get a bottle of Hermès Cuir d'Ange, but I didn't.  There were also some Serge Lutens in duty free for about $100, though I already had most. Was going  to get Une Fille de Berlin, but, then, didn't.

So I've been back two weeks, back to work.  Have got a lot in those two weeks.

First and foremost, I got Comme de Garçons Concrete (80 ml).  There have been some complaints that it's not sandalwood and it's not petrichor..... well, I do think it is sandalwood.  Kind of a sweet one.  But better than a lot of recent sandalwoods out there.  I like it!  Nice variation on the standard pebble bottle, too, by having it made of actual concrete.

I also picked up bottle of Comme des Garçons Carnation (100 ml) from the Red Series. This is a pretty good carnation, not as clovey as usual.  This may be my favorite of what I have from the Red Series so far (I also have Harissa and Palisander).

I aso got yet another of L'Artisan Parfumeur's Mon Numéro series, Mon Numéro 4 (100 ml).  I certainly like it more than 3 and 9. I'll probably get more use of it.  Does lavender and leather make a barbershop scent?  I really don't think so.  I like it and will probably get use out of it.

On a whim, and after reading a positive review of it on Persolaise, I got a bottle of Reminiscence Oud (100 ml).  I've never really tried anything from Reminiscence before.  It's pretty nice.  Don't smell any oud at all, though.  Sadly, it doesn't come in the starry bottle.

Finally, I ordered a bottle back before I went to Japan of Serge Lutens De Profundis (75 ml).  I have yet to go pick it up.  Maybe today.  I've been busy and/or sleeping. By the time I wake up Barneys is closed.

Whew!  Also decants of Areej le Doré Siberian Musk (I guess I mentioned this before) and Oud Zen.  You, know? They're ok.  I don't think I needed full bottles.  I'm curious what they'll come out with in the future and am glad to have smelled natural musk.