05 February 2016

Honey, Don't

I got a few more things, smaller.

First up, Tokyomilk Honey and the Moon, 30 ml.  Nope this is not good at all.  Smells like hairspray.  At least it was on sale and not expensive. Maybe I'll give it to Diana.

Beauty Habit had a bunch of things on sale.  They also had 14 ml. bottles of some Histoires de Parfums at reasonable prices, so I got three:  Ambre 114, Noir Patchouli, and Tubéreuse 3: Animale.

As Amber is a note I really can't stand, I will probably never wear Ambre 114.  I always thought it was one of the ambers I could stomach, but, maybe not. Anyway, 14 ml is a good size.

03 February 2016

Hi, Honey, I'm Home

I've been kind of obsessed lately with getting a new honey perfume, and have been doing a lot of research into it. I almost bought 4160 Tuesdays Dirty Honey, just because the name sounded like something I'd like, but backed down at the last minute.  Ditto with Ginestet Botrytis, which I was afraid would be to girly on me, as it sounded super sweet.

When I had ordered Soivohlé Oudh Lacquer a few weeks back, I got a sample of Amun Re:  The Tears of Ra, which, actually, fits the bill rather well.

It's not at Miel de Bois levels of love, but I do like it a lot (more than I do Oudh Lacquer).

Continuing on, I also (finally?) got a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Kouros, of which endless hordes complain of smelling like urine because of the overdose of honey.  Well, it's not bad, but smells rather clean to me.  What's all the ruckus? Anyway, I don't get the honey.  It also doesn't seem very fougère-like to me. Clean and powdery.

Of course, I'll have to wear it all a bit more before coming up with a better impression. I'd have no compunction about wearing it to work, thank you, ma'am.

The third scent I got recently, which has absolutely no connection to honey, is Frapin Passion Boisée.  Patty at Barneys had given me a couple of Frapin samples last time I was there, and I liked this a lot.   In the past, Frapin has kind of left me cold, but I will say, this is very nice.

The above bottle is the one I got. I have noticed that there seem to be several versions with different lettering.  I hope this is okay.  I got it from Fragrancenet, at more than 50% discount. The bottle itself is very heavy.  You could probably kill someone with it.

20 January 2016

Elephants and Daffodils

Already into the new year and spending on perfume.

I was intrigued by the recent releases from Perfumes Berdoues.  I like tea-based fragrances, so blindly bought Assam of India, 100 ml.  It's ok, doesn't thrill me.  It may work better in warmer weather.  It is only a cologne after all.

The bottle is great however, plastered with elephants.

I also got a second elephant-themed perfume, Maria Candida Gentile Elephant and Roses, 30 ml. To be honest, I cannot smell a thing! This is my first perfume from Maria Candida Gentile.

These two were actually ordered at the end of last year.

Penhaligon's was having a sale, so I ordered a few.  Endymion was not on sale, but I bought a small bottle which was not so expensive (30 ml). I haven't been able to try it extensively yet.

Moving on with Romantic poets, I got Ostara, 100 ml. A host of golden daffodils!

Victoria at Bois de Jasmin gave this five stars, which is unusual for her.  I'm not quite feeling it.  I'm wearing it now, and it smells a bit sour on me. I really loved L'Artisan's Fleur de Narcisse, and I guess I was expecting it to smell like that.

Finally, I got Charenton Macerations Christopher Street, 30 ml. Love it.  I like also that it is wrapped in a piece of leather scented with the perfume! Not quite sure how it connects with Stonewall, even though founder Douglas Bender explains it on their site.

30 December 2015

Some new things before the end of the year I've failed to post

I did get some new things since I last wrote.

Soivohlé Oudh Lacquer, 30 ml.  It's ok, nothing exciting but nice.  Not particularly oudh-y but definitely chocolatey. They did send me samples of Carpathian Oud, Meerschaum, and Amun Re Tears of Ra, which I am looking forward to trying.

Someone started a Serge Lutens fan thread on Basenotes, so while on there, there was a sale at the sergelutens.com site (US) where, if  you spent more than $135, they would include a free gift of Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir.  I figured it would be the empty one, so I ordered Fille en Aiguilles, 50 ml., which I had never gotten.  I think it's much easier to wear when it's cold.  I used to think it smelled like crayons (Chypre Rouge definitely does).

Anyway, it turned out the offer gave you a choice of four fragrances:  Ambre Sultan, Feminité du Bois, Fourreau Noir, or Iris Silver Mist. As I have three of the four, and hate Ambre Sultan, this was a tough decision.  I was going to choose Iris Silver Mist, but never really wear it.   In the end, I chose Fourreau Noir, which, if you are keeping score, I just bought a bell jar of. So now I have tons of it (the atomizer comes with 60 ml of perfume! ). Anyway, this was definitely a deal.  The site lists the atomizer with Fourreau Noir at $190!  The offer ended up being on the site for only one day.  Do I love Fourreau Noir that much?  I'm not so sure.  I'm wearing it on one wrist and my bête noire Chergui on the other right now and they are very similar.

Moving along.

I dropped into Barneys last week and lo! and behold, Comme des Garçons Luxe: Patchouli (45ml) was available, so I got that.  Yes, it's pricey -- more so than the Serge bell jars!  But I really do love it.

Anyway, I think that brings me up to date.  If I've missed anything I'll add them here.

01 December 2015

Bell Jars in Chicago!

My purple card eventually did show up, so today I decided to go to Barneys.  Fortunately, Patty was there.

I had every intention of getting Comme des Garçons Luxe: Patchouli but, would't you know, they had none in stock, although it was displayed.

The big news is, though, that Barneys New York in Chicago has started carrying the Serge Lutens bell jars.  I had noticed that Aedes de Venustas started carrying then and, since Barneys in New York and Beverly Hills both carry them, I was really wondering why Chicago wouldn't have them as well! Well, now they do!

(Recent news also has that a Serge boutique will be opening in Moscow.)

Anyway, after some deliberation, I decided to get yet another bell jar, this time, Fourreau Noir. This is my third fourth bell jar this year.

Of course, I don't have this particular bell jar.

Just now, I got a call from the building office that a package had arrived:  Pascal Morabito Or Black! Weirdly, I had found this on Amazon.com for something like $43! And it was from a store in fancy France!  Anyway, it was supposed to be delivered between December 14 and January 4... so it came very early!! I am impressed.  I am not sure if this is the old version or the reformulation (I'm assuming the latter), so I'll have to compare my mini with this.

This is the bottle I have.

Fourreau Noir photo from The Non-Blonde.
Or Black photo from Basenotes.

16 November 2015

Serge Splurgin'

In which I continue with the mess this year started.  Two more Serges. Yep.  Including one more bell jar.

I was able to find a 50 ml export bottle of Bois de Violette online for a reasonable price (although, had I gotten it a year ago or so I would have paid maybe $40 less).  Weirdly, it was through Amazon.com sold by Parfum1.  It was a lot more expensive on the Parfum1 site itself.  Which makes no sense.  And Parfum1, always the best in my book, were gracious enough to include some nice samples of things I have actually not tried.  I need to buy from them more.  Lately, though, they seem less a discounter than legitimate sales outlet, so things are not usually on sale like they used to be.  But if I need to get something like ELDO fragrances, I might as well buy from Parfum1. Also.... is Parfum1 connected to Twisted Lily?  I thought so, but then wasn't so sure. Included in my order was a Twisted Lily post card, so I'm assuming so.

The bell jar i got was, as usual, through Barneys and in order to get a lousy $25 Purple Card (which I still haven't gotten, btw):  Santal de Mysore. The good news is that it smells even better than the sample I had from The Perfumed Court. Which means if there have been recent reformulations it has been for the better. Reading reviews online, I am kind of confused my comments indicating it smells of curry, or that there is no sandalwood. Well, I don't now what  you whippersnappers think sandalwood smells like, but Santal de Mysore is the closest scent I have gotten recently to true sandalwood.  When I lived in Japan, they used to sell folding fans on train platforms in the summer which were scented with sandalwood (I wonder if they still do, considering Japan's disregard, usually, for international sanctions). That, plus true sandalwood fragrances used to be more readily available and I have had a few. Anyway, I know a thing or two, thank you. I wonder if it is indeed true that Serge Lutens used real sandalwood they had reserved before it was sanctioned. It's beautiful in any event and not at all syrupy, as I have also read.

Bois de Violette photo from liberty.uk.com
Santal de Mysore photo from Fragrantica. 

13 November 2015

Between Oranges

A few years back, Musette over at Perfume Posse wrote a review of Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos, which she translated as "Among Oranges "or "Between Oranges".  I still haven't tried the Monegal, but Between Oranges kind of stuck in my head.

As you may have noted, recently, I have been getting orange fragrances, with Mandarine-Mandarin and Theorema forefront. Although citrusy colognes read summer to me, I guess oranges are indeed a winter fruit.  In Japan, mikans are one of the things I -- and probably everyone in Japan -- associate with New Year's celebrations.  Anyway, I've been craving oranges lately.  There are limits to where I will go -- looking at you, Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, unless I want to relive the smell of my grandmother's kitchen and orange juice concentrate. I suppose I could layer it with Annick Goutal Sables for the aroma of a pancake breakfast.

I recently got a bottle of L'Artisan Parfumeur Mandarine, the reissue of Mandarine Tout Simplement. L'Artisan reissued it a few years back as a limited edition at $100 for 100 ml, but lately are charging their regular price for edt.  Beauty Habit still had it at the $100 price point, so I grabbed a bottle. It is in the newer bottle and cap, so I'm not quite sure why Beauty Habit does not charge $145, but I'll take it!

Mandarine is very light, and probably will work better in the summer.

Photo from Luckyscent.