26 July 2015

More more more

I finally ordered a bottle of Dior Eau Sauvage, which arrived yesterday. I guess it has been reformulated.  I do remember smelling oakmoss, which is gone now, sadly.  I have the flanker, Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir, which I think I like more than this version..... we shall see after more wearings.

I also got Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau.  It is probably better for cooler weather.  The licorice really stands out in this weather. Reminds me of Douce Amère.

I also forgot about another pair of shoes I got this summer:

24 July 2015


I'm pretty much a fan-boy of almost anything and everything by Olivia Giacobetti.  True, En Passant really isn't me and Drôle de Rose might be a bit too girly, but I tend to like her aesthetic and have many of her fragrances.  It's a kind of shame that she has not been producing much as of late.

Anyway, I have had samples of Costes for years.  Perfume Posse posted a discount code for Beauty Habit for 20% off, so I felt the time was ripe to get a bottle.  It's nice for the summer.  Giacobetti's work tends to be pretty light.  Costes is very light and does not have much longevity.

The bottle is a beaut, to boot.

My bottle is a bit darker red, and the logo is so dark it's almost illegible.  But the shape is the same with the bakelite cap.

Beauty Habit included a $20 off coupon, which is only valid for another week.  Because Costes is so light, I was thinking maybe I should get some bath products, which may extend its presence.  Or, maybe I'll get Costes 2.

I also got yet another pair of shoes recently: