17 April 2014

More Shoes, Perfumes....

I got these Converse plimsolls --- as opposed to sneakers... hmmmm.

They feel kind of narrow.  I wore them to work today.  My feet were really sore when I got home.  Maybe it's just because they are new.

I got État Libre d'Orange La Fin du Monde, 50 ml.  Which I like.

Also, the reissue of L'Artisan's Jour de Fête, 100 ml.

12 April 2014

That Mall Smell!

I ordered Bentley For Men Intense blind, based on a bunch of super positive reviews.  The boys at Basenotes went wowie over this, saying it smelled so niche for a designer scent. What they hell were they thinking???

It smells so designer.  The smell of the shopping mall.  The smell of numerous pullouts in fashion magazines.  Maybe a little added pepper. It wasn't so ridiculously priced, at least, on Amazon.

Nice bottle.


It does smell much better hours later on the drydown. But at the beginning and for several hours it has that horrible generic ambery-woody smell.

08 April 2014


I got a couple of old cheapies this week.

Back in the '90s, Yasutaka used to wear this, and I started to wear it and wore it exclusively for several years .  It's been discontinued, but Fragrancenet had it on sale, so I bought it:  Dunhill Edition.

The opening is harsher than I remember. This may have to do that it is old, and the top notes have gone.  We will see if I still like it.  The bottles I had back then were splash bottles, and I dabbed.  This bottle is only a spray. I think Zino took over as the main thing I wore some time in the '90s.

My second cheapie is Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui. Back when I first joined Basenotes in 2009, a few more senior members got together and gave a bunch of samples to new members, and I was one of the lucky ones.  AromiErotici sent me, among some other things, Oscar Pour Lui.  It just smelled so gorgeous at the time.  I remember spraying my sample in front of my mother and she just smiled. I went through the sample pretty quickly, and oddly never got a bottle, until now.

We shall see if I still like it.  Also, if I remember correctly, the sample was vintage.  This is no doubt a reformulation. (It was only like $20.)  So it may smell completely different.  [EDIT:  I ended up giving this to Junior, who sits next to me at work.  I'll have to get my own bottle at a later date.]

The other two bottles I ordered were backups:  L'Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine (100 ml -- news is out that it is being discontinued).  The bottle I already had was 50 ml.   I was afraid I might run out if it is gone.   The second backup is Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille.  I heard this might be discontinued as well, which is just weird, since it was just released a few years ago. If Janet likes it, I may give her one of the bottles.  But I really love it.  Both of these bottles were very much discounted.

Dunhill Edition photo from Ozmoz.
Oscar Pour Lui photo from Fragrantica.