29 June 2013


I had lunch with Sara and her friends Shannon and Debra.  We, of course, ate at the Cheesecake Factory, where Laura works.   Normally Laura is a waitress, but she recently broke her foot, so is only folding napkins until she heals.

We actually spent several hours at the restaurant, Sara treated.

Afterwards, I went to Barneys, natch, and bought the travel atomizer from Le Labo with Rose 31.

I like the heft of the atomizer case.  Feels kind of like a weapon.  Miss Scarlett did it in the conservatory with a lead pipe. 

I run hot and cold with Le Labo, and this is my first purchase from them.  I think 10 ml will last me a long time.  I like Rose 31 pretty much, I guess, but not enough for a whole bottle.

14 June 2013

Proof -- If Proof Were Indeed Needed -- That I Have Gone Completely Insane

I bought this.

For some beautiful photos, please click here.

Photo from Lalique.

12 June 2013

At The Beach

I ordered CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966.  It arrived today.

I have a very strong memory of the way Coppertone smelled.  A perfunctory spray of this when I opened it, and to me it doesn't smell like Coppertone smelled... or how I remember it.  Not as ozonic as Fire Island, but similar.

I"ve really gotten a lot this month, haven't I. I had better quit.  However, I have ordered one thing that should be delivered next week which proves once and for all that I am completely insane.

Photo from Cult Beauty.

08 June 2013

Divine Bergamote

I ordered a bottle of The Different Company Divine Bergamote (now, just Bergamote).  My bottle still has the "Divine" on it, so it must be an older one, before the name change.  Same screw-top lid as with Osmanthus.  I also ordered a bottle of Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge for a present for someone at work.

I went to Barneys today and got a bottle of L'Artisan Parfumeur Al Oudh for a present for Tamio, since he drives me to work all the time.  He has no life lately, and just seems to work all the time.