14 June 2013

Proof -- If Proof Were Indeed Needed -- That I Have Gone Completely Insane

I bought this.

For some beautiful photos, please click here.

Photo from Lalique.


Shera Pop said...

Oh, I don't know, Furriner. It has historical significance, doesn't it? And the black cube is so attractive and protects the juice (which probably needs no protection anyway lol) that you can leave it out on your desk as an objet d'art!

Furriner said...

I was always kind of disappointed when the edt bottle didn't look like this. Anyway, my insanity was more for paying what I did... although I at least didn't shell out the $750 list-price. But I had been eyeing this one for years. Still, for a designer scent?!? I'll probably never take it out of its box.

Shera Pop said...

Are you kidding? $750? So this was some sort of hand-blown crystal bottle? ;-)

Furriner said...

Yeah, it's a crystal bottle, 60 ml, comes in a lacquered box. Comes with a card with a limited-edition number on it. See Nathan Branch's pictures in my link at the end of the post. That's what you get. When it was released, the list price was $750. You can check the current price on Neiman's web site, although I've seen it elsewhere for the same price. On the Lalique site they are still asking a bundle.

Supposedly it's an edp, but I haven't compared it to the edt yet. Dabbing some on last night (yep, no spray), it seems a bit smoother and not as strong as the edt, but I haven't done a comparison. If it's significantly different, I wonder if they do refills. Or were they expecting people to plunk down another $750?

Anyway, I do like Encre Noire a lot, like the bottle a lot, and I figured what I paid was comparable to what I would have to pay for a smaller Lalique figurine or something, which, although more recognizably Lalique, I don't like as much.