30 November 2013

Black Friday

Well, I had ordered it earlier but it arrived on Black Friday:  Donna Karan Chaos.  I'm wearing it now!

Reminds me a lot of Idole de Lubin.  Or I suppose that should be the other way around.

So things I actually bought on Black Friday:

Dyson DC35 vacuum cleaner from BestBuy.

 It was significantly discounted.

Some Pumas:  The MY-70.

Rudolph Dassler Ansbach Mid.

Some presents:  Person of Interest Season 2 for Dawn for Christmas.  For Junior (real name Florencio) who sits next to me at work, the below Skagen Hiromichi Konno watch.  I have the watch already, and Junior said at one point he liked it.  He buys me lunch all the time, so I figure a Christmas present is not out of line.  On sale at Amazon.

Fight Club in Blu Ray was only like $3, so I got that.

And finally, today, I got yet another pair of Palladiums, the below Pallabrouse Baggy Leather 2! On sale at Amazon.  I hope the color really is like this!

I had had another pair of shoes, a pair of Lanvin sneakers that were more than half off at Barneys.  I paid for them, got a confirmation, but later got a retraction.  It was probably the last pair, and someone else had ordered them at the same time.  I really like Lanvin sneakers, but they are ridiculously priced.  These are the missed opportunity: