31 October 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!

My usual sales assistant at Barneys, Andy, has left and is now working at Neiman Marcus.  I went to Barneys on Wednesday to see what they had of interest.  A bunch of other sales assistants swarmed all over me trying to help.  I must be a pretty lucrative customer to get so much attention.  The sales assistant I used prior to Andy, Patty, was there, and I would like her to get the commissions if she could.  She got sidetracked while the other people were all over me, so I decided to leave without getting anything. I told Patty I would come back later in the week. She said she would not be there Friday (today), so....

Yesterday, I stopped into Saks.  I wanted to try the Dior Collection Priveé.  I was able to do this, but he SA there kept trying to second guess what I liked, so I left, annoyed. I also wanted to try the Cartier Les Heures de Parfum, since they were advertised on the Saks website and there were many I have not yet smelled. Sadly, there were none of Les Heures on site.  I suppose I could have just walked a few blocks to the Cartier store. At the Saks Cartier counter, some lady sprayed me with Pasha, or some flanker of Pasha.  Whatever it was, it was a hateful woody amber, and pretty much ruined my whole day for trying anything else!

I went again to Barneys.  Well, Patty was not there.  Again, the SAs were all over me.  In loyalty to Patty, I figured I would get something that was not so expensive and save that for whenever Patty was there.  So, I got Comme des Garçons 2 Man, which I always figured I would get.

In the mad flurry to get my sale, the various SAs showered me with various samples, including Helmut Lang Cuiron, which I had been interested in trying.  I got an enormous (maybe 3 ml) sample of Serge Lutens L'Incendiaire, the new $600 for 50 ml Serge.  Very nice, but not $600 worth of nice.  At least not at this second. In its defense, it is extraît. Fortunately, the sample should last me six months or more!

Well, today is Hallowe'en. Looks crappy out.  It was snowing a bit earlier, but has stopped. I was thinking of going to Neiman's to check on Andy. I was told he is working the Creed counter.  I'm not a super Creed fan, so do not foresee Andy getting much of my business. Who knows?  Maybe I'll find some Creed I like.  I almost never voluntarily walk into Neiman's, though, and will only do so to see Andy.

Anyway, Happy Hallowe'en!

Photo from LuckyScent web site.