20 January 2016

Elephants and Daffodils

Already into the new year and spending on perfume.

I was intrigued by the recent releases from Perfumes Berdoues.  I like tea-based fragrances, so blindly bought Assam of India, 100 ml.  It's ok, doesn't thrill me.  It may work better in warmer weather.  It is only a cologne after all.

The bottle is great however, plastered with elephants.

I also got a second elephant-themed perfume, Maria Candida Gentile Elephant and Roses, 30 ml. To be honest, I cannot smell a thing! This is my first perfume from Maria Candida Gentile.

These two were actually ordered at the end of last year.

Penhaligon's was having a sale, so I ordered a few.  Endymion was not on sale, but I bought a small bottle which was not so expensive (30 ml). I haven't been able to try it extensively yet.

Moving on with Romantic poets, I got Ostara, 100 ml. A host of golden daffodils!

Victoria at Bois de Jasmin gave this five stars, which is unusual for her.  I'm not quite feeling it.  I'm wearing it now, and it smells a bit sour on me. I really loved L'Artisan's Fleur de Narcisse, and I guess I was expecting it to smell like that.

Finally, I got Charenton Macerations Christopher Street, 30 ml. Love it.  I like also that it is wrapped in a piece of leather scented with the perfume! Not quite sure how it connects with Stonewall, even though founder Douglas Bender explains it on their site.