31 July 2013

A Recent Obsession

IKEA pickled herring with dill. It takes me around three hours one way to get to IKEA on the bus.  I could eat this every day.  I'm not about to carry a case of these home on the bus, kids.

Photo from IKEA.

23 July 2013


Neiman's sent me a $25 off coupon since I seemed to be such a potential spendthrift.  Anyway, it expires July 26.  I have been combing Neiman's web site for something to buy (fragrances were excluded) and I could find NOTHING.  I would have liked some new pants, but all they seemed to sell were skinny jeans, which I hate.

Today I decided I would use the coupon to get a shoe tree.  Seems sensible, ne?  As I was paging through the shoe selection looking for the shoe tree, I came across... THESE:

Anyway, they are Pumas, "AMQ Deck Mid II Print Sneaker, North Sea" is what they are called (I guess "North Sea" is the color).  They were on sale, in my size, and with $25 off and free shipping, they weren't that bad.  I'm not entirely nuts about mid- to hi-tops, but I really liked the look of them.  AMQ stands for Alexander McQueen, so there must have been some collaboration going on there.  I've had good luck with Pumas in the past, so I imagine they will be comfortable.

I also ordered these, from Barneys, on sale:

Yes, I know, Pradas.  I am now officially a stereotype. 

I'm done with shoes for this year.  Promise. 

[NOTE on above:  both models were made in Vietnam.]

Pumas photo from Puma.
Pradas photo from Barneys New York.

17 July 2013

16 July 2013

I Like That Party Hat


I've meant to get this for a while but it is totally the wrong season.  It was on sale. 

Photograph from Penhaligon's.