29 January 2017

It's Been a Bit

Sorry.... was having keyboard troubles for a while there.  Couldn't return.  I did buy a bunch of things, but, alas, they are lost to history on here.  Ha ha.

Recenlty, I got a mere three items.  First, I got L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numéro 3 (100 ml) because it's there.  It's ok.  Nothing remarkable.  Can't imagine someone paying big bucks for it as a bespoke fragrance.

Next, I got Comme des Garçons Series 2: Red Harissa (100 ml). Hmmmm.  Yet another Duchaufour..... Again, it's ok.  I think it's been discontinued.

Finally, I got Richard James Savile Row (50 ml).  Well, it's a fougère.  Nothing terribly great.  The way everyone on Basenotes raves about it.... Again, this may be a reformualtion.

I will try and stay current.