27 August 2013

So I Lied

Photo of Vivienne Westwood PVC Sneakers from Zappos.

22 August 2013


I got a 60 ml bottle of Histoires de Parfums Édition Rare Pétroleum.  My first from this line, although I have samples of a bunch.  This was the first I felt compelled to get (although I do like the Tubéreuse 3:  Animale). Very nice presentation!  Are all their bottles like this?

Also in my package was a Slumberhouse sample set, including Ore, Sova, Jeke, Pear + Olive, Norne, and Vikt.  I'm looking forward to testing these.  I dabbed a little of Pear + Olive on, and I'm wondering if they're labelled correctly.  Smelled of cocoa to me!

Photo from Aedes de Venustas

21 August 2013

Nuit Etoilée Eau de Parfum

I got a 100 ml bottle of Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée eau de parfum, which just arrived tonight.  I have the eau de toilette already, with the manly bottle.   The eau de toilette to me smells very synthetic, in kind of an interesting way.  It initially reminded me of a swimming pool.  More like an inflatable raft, actually.  Kind of like Comme des Garçons Skai.  With a quick spritz of the edp, it is quite different.  I get more of the mint here.  People mention iris, which I'm not getting.  Nor do I get pine. I'll need to do a full wearing.

Photo from amazon.com, which is where I bought it. 

17 August 2013

Rose Poivrée

I ordered a 90 ml bottle of The Different Company's Rose Poivrée from Beauty Encounter.  It just arrived tonight.  I have a 2 ml official sample in a little cubed bottle like this.

The perfume in the bottle I received  is much stronger than the sample, which I liked (hence I ordered it), but in comparison it smells very thin.  I'm not sure if that is because I dab from the sample versus spraying.  Anyway, I'm very happy with this purchase.  Again, I'm wondering if this is an older bottle, and "pre-reformulation," as rumor has it that recent versions of this are much less pungent.

The perfume itself is dark, like this picture, if that is a clue.  Other pictures of this have a much lighter color. The box is the older, grey box and it does have the older cap.  As I have no experience with "vintage" Rose Poivrée, I have no way of knowing if this is the same.  

It kind of gives me a headache when, on Basenotes, some people refer to fragrances that came out two years ago as "vintage" and worry that currently-selling bottles have already been reformulated.

Anyway, this smells great! My main commentator  doesn't like this much and calls it "death by cumin." I'm happy, though. 

Sample photo from Flickr.
Full bottle photo from foro.deperfumes.com.

03 August 2013

Naoki's Visiting!

I was testing my cell phone's camera....

Three fun-filled days!  Then back to Japan.  Typical.....