17 August 2013

Rose Poivrée

I ordered a 90 ml bottle of The Different Company's Rose Poivrée from Beauty Encounter.  It just arrived tonight.  I have a 2 ml official sample in a little cubed bottle like this.

The perfume in the bottle I received  is much stronger than the sample, which I liked (hence I ordered it), but in comparison it smells very thin.  I'm not sure if that is because I dab from the sample versus spraying.  Anyway, I'm very happy with this purchase.  Again, I'm wondering if this is an older bottle, and "pre-reformulation," as rumor has it that recent versions of this are much less pungent.

The perfume itself is dark, like this picture, if that is a clue.  Other pictures of this have a much lighter color. The box is the older, grey box and it does have the older cap.  As I have no experience with "vintage" Rose Poivrée, I have no way of knowing if this is the same.  

It kind of gives me a headache when, on Basenotes, some people refer to fragrances that came out two years ago as "vintage" and worry that currently-selling bottles have already been reformulated.

Anyway, this smells great! My main commentator  doesn't like this much and calls it "death by cumin." I'm happy, though. 

Sample photo from Flickr.
Full bottle photo from foro.deperfumes.com.


Shera Pop said...

Congrats on your happy purchase, Furriner!

I wanted to weigh in on the spray versus dab issue, with respect especially to The Different Company. Having had a similar experience--that is, a big change in perspective--when testing some of their perfumes sprayed on versus dabbed, I have to say that to me the cubes can be a bit misleading.

My first round of testing these perfumes made me think that many of them were very weak and insubstantial. I later decided that I was applying hardly any perfume because of the narrow opening of the cubes and the difficulty of getting much liquid out using that application technique.

As for the perfume now in your possession: enjoy! I am very sensitive to cumin and felt that I detected it somewhat overwhelmingly in that composition. But that just leaves more for you! ;-)

Furriner said...

I wore this today for a full wearing. I have to say, it has almost no longevity. This is rather remarkable for me to say, as otherwise very light fragrances usually last all day on me. Rose Poivrée lasted about three hours on me.