13 January 2012

Home again

Just got home this afternoon. Snow, pretty much for the first time this season, so everyone in a panic. I had a few hitches on the way home.... ANA said my ZED tickets were only good for 3 months, so I had to buy a ticket to Tokyo. I need to look into this. I thought they were good for a year. I got business class on the way home. So that will cost me about $150 or so, as well.

I got home around 6 pm, and my bottle of Epic Man was awaiting me. Four Seasons was having a 20% off sale, so I actually paid less for this Epic Man, which is 100 ml, than I did for my 50 ml of A Taste of Heaven. I don't feel so guilty.

L'Artisan is having a sale, so I ordered bottles of Poivre Piquant, Piment Brûlant, Passage d'Enfer, Mûre et Musc Parfum, and Tea For Two. They were all 50% off. I haven't gotten them yet, and they may not even have mailed them. They all seem to be discontinued. The first three in the 50 ml size. And maybe the MeMP, which maybe was only a limited edition anyway. [EDIT They were out of the Mûre et Musc Parfum, so I didn't get it.] The shocker is that they may be discontinuing Tea For Two. I thought it was pretty popular. Why would they discontinue it?

I thought I would give the Mûre et Musc a try. If I don't like it I can give it to someone as a present. I have the edt, which I like. Passage d'Enfer is a funny one. I always feel like I can't smell it for the life of me. I figured I would pop for half off... again, I can give it away because no one else seems to have this problem. Piment Brûlant and Poivre Piquant I only have in 15 ml size at the moment, and they are going to run out at some point. Currently, I have a lot left of these (although my Safran Troublant is running low). Tea For Two, of course, I already own. Either I will have this as a backup or give it to Tamio for his birthday this year, since he is clearly to cheap to buy one for himself!

My father also sent me $100 by USPS! That finally showed up. So maybe tomorrow I will go shopping for more!!

02 January 2012


I flew to to Tokyo on the first. Amazingly, I was able to sit in first class!! And, even more amazingly, perhaps, I was able to fly ANA to Nagoya. It is the New Year holiday here, after all. So I arrived tonight. It is now the third, at 2:15 am. Naturally, I am up. Naoki is asleep.

I brought some samples with me. Lucky Scent had a package all ready, and I had a few I wanted to try.

Frapin 1697 edp. I haven't tried this yet.
Mary Greenwell Plum. I smelled it a bit, seemed a tad girly,
Parfum d'Empire Azemour. Tried it a bit. Reminded me somewhat of Yuzu Fou. They don't really smell alike, other than citrusy, but the feeling is similar.
Isabey L'ambre de Carthage. Haven't tried it. Not so nuts about ambers, as you well know, so not so keen to try.
Comme des Garcons Eau de Parfum. I am kind of very excited about this. It's the one with industrial glue and scotch tape, in the cool bottle.
Idole de Lubin edp. I'm very excited to try this, as I'm a big fan of the edt.

I'll let you know as I try them all. I may be here close to 2 weeks.