19 December 2012

Mon Numéro 10

I had a $25 gift card from Barney's, my father had sent me a $100 bill in the mail, and I was downtown, so I went to Barney's. I decided to get a bottle of L'Artisan's Mon Numéro 10, of which I have a ton of samples.  So, it ended up costing me $94.

Ashley was there, at last.  There had been some L'Artisan event a while back, which I couldn't make, since I worked too late.  Anyway, they were giving out gifts at this even, and they had some leftovers.  So it turns out, she saved me one, since I was a good customer:  a 15 ml bottle of Fleur de Narcisse.  I had never smelled this, but it is actually really nice.  The Perfume Guide gives it only 3 stars, but I think I would rate it higher, and regret it is out of circulation.  I could have sworn one of the online retailers sold it still, but I was unable to find it anywhere.

10 December 2012

Musc Tonkin

I bought this blind! I haven't really tried it yet.