17 July 2013

Once More Into the Mangle

Photo from Luckyscent.


Shera Pop said...

I have been very curious about this one. What do you think?

Furriner said...

I think it's kind of underrated. Many people kind of rejected it when it came out because it was "clean" -- and I guess it is. I am not overly familiar with perfumes that smell of clean laundry, so I can't really do any comparisons. Closest thing I can compare it to maybe is Eau de Gentiane Blanche. I prefer this to something like Mugler Cologne, which I really can't stand.

You might find it kind of boring. I find the ironing board note kind of interesting. When it was first released, my comment was "my grandmother at the mangle", hence the title here. I don't find it very ozonic, which some reviews mention. I really don't get any melon... which would send me running. I also do not get floral. Or soapy. Am I making any sense here???

I guess an argument could be made that it's a Serge to wear in the summer... although there are already some things like Gris Clair... and Muscs Koublaï Khän which work perfectly well when it's hot.

We shall see how often I wear it. I wore it to work today, and it's the first time I've worn it since I had a sample a couple of years ago. I think I need to wear it a few more times to give a coherent comment.

Shera Pop said...

Now I'm even more curious since I share your dislike of melon and Mugler Cologne!

Perhaps this is a via negativa perfume? ;-)