30 November 2013

Black Friday

Well, I had ordered it earlier but it arrived on Black Friday:  Donna Karan Chaos.  I'm wearing it now!

Reminds me a lot of Idole de Lubin.  Or I suppose that should be the other way around.

So things I actually bought on Black Friday:

Dyson DC35 vacuum cleaner from BestBuy.

 It was significantly discounted.

Some Pumas:  The MY-70.

Rudolph Dassler Ansbach Mid.

Some presents:  Person of Interest Season 2 for Dawn for Christmas.  For Junior (real name Florencio) who sits next to me at work, the below Skagen Hiromichi Konno watch.  I have the watch already, and Junior said at one point he liked it.  He buys me lunch all the time, so I figure a Christmas present is not out of line.  On sale at Amazon.

Fight Club in Blu Ray was only like $3, so I got that.

And finally, today, I got yet another pair of Palladiums, the below Pallabrouse Baggy Leather 2! On sale at Amazon.  I hope the color really is like this!

I had had another pair of shoes, a pair of Lanvin sneakers that were more than half off at Barneys.  I paid for them, got a confirmation, but later got a retraction.  It was probably the last pair, and someone else had ordered them at the same time.  I really like Lanvin sneakers, but they are ridiculously priced.  These are the missed opportunity:


Shera Pop said...

Congrats on the Black Friday scores, especially Chaos, which I have been pining for! ;-)

I wouldn't know what to do with the second item on your list, but the watch is snazzy, and the shoes are too!

Furriner said...

I'd been meaning to get Chaos for the past four years...... finally got around to it. I hate going into Neiman's, so that has been the obstacle. Ordered by mail.

The second item is just a cordless vacuum... Thought it might make me cleaner. LOL.

So I got some presents out of the way. And more shoes. LOL.