29 June 2013


I had lunch with Sara and her friends Shannon and Debra.  We, of course, ate at the Cheesecake Factory, where Laura works.   Normally Laura is a waitress, but she recently broke her foot, so is only folding napkins until she heals.

We actually spent several hours at the restaurant, Sara treated.

Afterwards, I went to Barneys, natch, and bought the travel atomizer from Le Labo with Rose 31.

I like the heft of the atomizer case.  Feels kind of like a weapon.  Miss Scarlett did it in the conservatory with a lead pipe. 

I run hot and cold with Le Labo, and this is my first purchase from them.  I think 10 ml will last me a long time.  I like Rose 31 pretty much, I guess, but not enough for a whole bottle.

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