16 June 2013



Shera Pop said...

Come clean: are you really Imelda Marcos? ;-)

These are some great shoes!!!!

Furriner said...

For some reason every year around this time I get a bunch of pairs of shoes. Don't ask me!! And yes I have thought Imelda Marcos about it, too.

I'm really partial to Palladiums because they are super comfortable. They also were fairly cheap at around $30-40.

The drivers were kinda pricey for me, but still significantly reduced on sale. I haven't really worn them yet because they're patent leather and kind of hot for this weather. I hope I can pull them off in cooler weather. The colors are kind of summery.

You'll be glad to learn that I stopped myself from buying a pair of velvet slippers. Fortunately they didn't have the ones I liked in my size, but... I would never have worn them... or would have looked a fool wearing them.

One explanation is that I'm trying to lose weight, and refuse to buy clothes until the weight is off. Shoes are the one thing I can get which will still fit down the road.