08 April 2014


I got a couple of old cheapies this week.

Back in the '90s, Yasutaka used to wear this, and I started to wear it and wore it exclusively for several years .  It's been discontinued, but Fragrancenet had it on sale, so I bought it:  Dunhill Edition.

The opening is harsher than I remember. This may have to do that it is old, and the top notes have gone.  We will see if I still like it.  The bottles I had back then were splash bottles, and I dabbed.  This bottle is only a spray. I think Zino took over as the main thing I wore some time in the '90s.

My second cheapie is Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui. Back when I first joined Basenotes in 2009, a few more senior members got together and gave a bunch of samples to new members, and I was one of the lucky ones.  AromiErotici sent me, among some other things, Oscar Pour Lui.  It just smelled so gorgeous at the time.  I remember spraying my sample in front of my mother and she just smiled. I went through the sample pretty quickly, and oddly never got a bottle, until now.

We shall see if I still like it.  Also, if I remember correctly, the sample was vintage.  This is no doubt a reformulation. (It was only like $20.)  So it may smell completely different.  [EDIT:  I ended up giving this to Junior, who sits next to me at work.  I'll have to get my own bottle at a later date.]

The other two bottles I ordered were backups:  L'Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine (100 ml -- news is out that it is being discontinued).  The bottle I already had was 50 ml.   I was afraid I might run out if it is gone.   The second backup is Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille.  I heard this might be discontinued as well, which is just weird, since it was just released a few years ago. If Janet likes it, I may give her one of the bottles.  But I really love it.  Both of these bottles were very much discounted.

Dunhill Edition photo from Ozmoz.
Oscar Pour Lui photo from Fragrantica. 

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