12 January 2013

Flying Home

I'm going to leave for Narita now, hopefully getting on a plane.   I probably will sit in Economy Class, in a middle seat.  The flight looks better tomorrow, but, for some reason, Naoki wants me to leave today.  I probably should have left Friday. The flight was wide open.  Wish me luck! I really don't want to go home.


sherapop said...

Welcome Home!

You're probably exhausted after flying such a distance in a middle seat in economy class!

I hope that you get some good rest now! Sweet scented dreams! ;-)

Furriner said...

Thanks! I just got home! I did fly economy class, but got an aisle seat... thank god! Actually, the 777 configuration was 3-3-3... not as bad as the old one , which was 2-5-2... it would be just my luck to get the middle of a row of 5!! With what I had, I don't think I would have been any more comfortable in Business Class...