13 January 2013

Duty Free

So, after almost two weeks of spending no money in Japan, I get to Narita, go through immigration, and what do I do? I head straight for Hermès!

I ended up getting the gift set with four 15 ml bottles of:  Poivre Samarcande, Vanille Galante, Iris Ukiyoé, and Santal Massoïa (one each). It did turn out to be cheaper than had I bought the set here.  It was certainly cheaper than if you had bought it at a Japanese Hermès boutique.  I can't say I am super nuts about any of them, but that may change.  I know I don't like everyone's favorite Vétiver Tonka, and Brin de Réglisse didn't do anything for me. Maybe I could have gotten Paprika Brasil instead of the Vanille which, if I remember, is more a lily than vanilla.

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