07 January 2013

Mets Cola

I'm drinking Mets Cola, which is made by Kirin.  I went shopping for Coke Zero this morning (they don't have Diet Pespi anywhere, only Pepsi Nex, which is lemony, which I don't like, so I've been drinking Coke Zero).  Anyway, the drugstore had this stuff called Mets Cola, and it said zero calories, or thereabouts, so I bought  a bottle.

I looked it up, and it appears that it came out last spring.  It contains "an indigestible form of dextrin that can be used as a fibre supplement and restricts the body's ability to absorb fat when eating." Not to be outdone, Pepsi has come out with something similar here called Pepsi Special.  I saw smaller bottles at the grocery store this morning, but didn't know what it was, so didn't get it.  I wanted a 1.5 litre bottle or bigger, as well.

Mets Cola doesn't taste bad, so maybe I'll drink that the rest of my stay here instead of Coke Zero!

Image from Japan Today.

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