10 May 2012

Newer Things

On Saturday I went to Barneys. I got Comme des Garçons Eau de Parfum.... the new one. 100 ml. I also got Frédéric Malle's Café Society room spray. Last Thursday night, I was reading Basenotes, and in one thread, someone had bought a bunch of L'Artisan fragrances on Fragrancenet, for very cheap! I checked it out, and ended up ordering Méchant Loup and Thé Pour un Été, both 100 ml, each for less than $50! Anyway, the bottles arrived today. Both are the old bottle design, so that may be good, an older vintage. Very quickly after I ordered, a lot of the L'Artisans were out of stock, or the price had doubled or tripled!

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