15 September 2012

In the past few weeks this month I bought a full 100 ml bottle of Safran Troublant.  I already have a 15 ml version from the Les Épices de la Passion coffret... but it is headed towards dry.  Beauty Habit was having a sale, so I thought, why not?

I went to Mertz Apothecary in Lincoln Square last Saturday.  I was going to go downtown, but I figured it would be a mob on the weekend.  Anyway, it turns out that there was some German festival going on in Lincoln Square, so that was a bigger mob.  I ended up getting Mousse de Chêne by Outremer (L'Aromarine).  It was a cheapy.  I also ended up getting that Santa Maria Novella iris toothpaste.

I also ordered Ineke Gilded Lily, using my coupon from having bought the sample set several years ago.  They honored it!!! What sweeties! Anyway, I'm liking it more and more.  As usual, the bottle and packaging are beautiful.  I was noticing they have these limited scents through Anthropologie, and there is one called Angel's Trumpet.  I wonder if it is at all similar to Evenings Edged in Gold, which also contains the angels' trumpet note.

Last but certainly not least, I ordered a 12 ml bottle of Amouage Tribute, which now gets my most expensive ever bought, although I did not pay the full $350 price for it.  I shopped for the first time at MinNY.  I'll let you know how my experience goes.  Because of the price, I am sure I'll be extra touchy.   I've heard nothing but good things about them, though. The last time I wore Tribute was from a tiny sample while I was doing census work.... and I can't really find my sample anywhere.  So I've been thinking all summer I was going to get this, and today buckled down and ordered.  There have been posts on Basenotes to the effect that Tribute has been reformulated.  Don't know if this is true or not... we shall see! I'm thinking it's the same kind of talk as Creed batch differences. I'm hoping it will smell like I had smelled it.

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