17 November 2012

Amouage Tribute

After a two-month wait, my bottle has finally come! It was on backorder forever.  I was just getting ready to plunk down another $300, as the 30 ml bottle was in stock.  But then, I got home and there was a note on my door that a package had been delivered.

I'm kind of afraid to open it, since there is talk of reformulation.  I was able to find my teensy sample from a few years back, so I should be able to compare the two.    Hope it's as good as I remember.  Fortunately, I didn't break the $300 threshold in buying this, as I got a 20% discount! If I had gone beyond $300, there pretty much would be no turning back.


sherapop said...

Congratulations! You'll be the best smelling person at all of the holiday parties! (-;

Furriner said...

Thanks! I hemmed and hawed about getting this, but then, saved up, and got it (with a discount, which helped!). From what I can tell, my bottle is hte same as my sample from a couple years ago.