17 October 2013

George Nelson Swag-Leg Chair

This is the most used piece of furniture in my apartment.  I'm sitting at it right now.

I have this color-scheme.  My chair's legs, however, are chrome.  I've had the chair at least five years.   I sit at my desk, which is an Eames Desk, as below.  I guess, since I sit at this desk every day on that chair, both of these get equal use.  I bought the desk right after I moved in here, so in 2005.  To be honest it is kind of beat up.

Anyway, about a month ago, two of the bolts holding the legs on the chair broke.  I paid Pedro who works in this building to fix it.  He fixed it yesterday. 

Prior to getting the Swag-Leg Chair fixed, I had been using a Vitra Visavis chair, by Antonio Citterio.  This is my favorite chair.  I have six of them.  I bought them on ebay from a place in Houston, which had bought a bunch of them when Enron liquidated.  I love the design, and they are comfortable.  I don't have a dining room table, though.  I meant them to be dining room chairs.  The backs are somewhat scratched up, and I don't like the blue upholstery on the seats.  One day I'll get that changed. 

This may be the actual color of my seats.  But these are the chairs. I love these chairs but they are too low for desk chairs.

Actually, I found a picture of what pretty much my chairs looks like, from a web site called Metro Retro Furniture.  Which is the store from where I bought them.

Photo of Nelson Swag-Leg Chair from Herman Miller.
Photo of Eames Desk and single black Visavis chair from Architonic.com.
Room full of blue-seated Visavis from smow.com. 
Photo of single blue Visavis from metroretrofurniture.com

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