04 January 2014

New Year

I'm on vacation for two weeks.  Naoki was here, so I probably won't go to Japan.  He'll be busy  with work every day if I go.  There is a holiday on the 13th, so he may have a three-day weekend.  Anyway, I am still deciding.  The weather has been bad out east, so loads on planes to Japan from here have been pretty bad.  Maybe it would clear up.

It's been snowing here since New Year's Eve.  I slipped and fell crossing the street on the first.  My knee is kinda sore, but I don't think anything was seriously hurt.

Right after Christmas I bought these boots.  Yet another pair of Palladiums:

They're wool flannel on the outside, and the lining is leather.  They are really warm, but take me a bit of time to get on.  I'm not used to wearing high-tops.  But if I am only going out for a bit I won't put them on. Hence, I slipped.   Anyway, I like the boots.  They also have good traction.  They were a collaboration with designer Richard Chai.  They kind of remind me of these German wool army pants we used to wear in the '80s.

Today I went to Barneys and bought  D.S. and Durga's Spirit of the Glen from the Hylnds series.  It's supposed to smell like The Glenlivet scotch.  Andy had been trying to get me to buy it last time I was there, but I felt it would be queer (in the junior high school sense) to get a perfume with my name on it.  Also, I was afraid it smelled too much of vanilla extract. But I've decided I like it.  It was kind o pricey, though.  My first purchase of the year.

Palladium photo from freshnessmag.com.
Spirit of the Glen photo from Barneys New York.

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