16 February 2014

Iris Nazarena

Barneys had their semiannual bag event, which ended yesterday  I met Sara for lunch, and she  brought her friend Shannon again... so the three of us headed over to Barneys.

Sara bought makeup... I got Aedes de Venustas Iris Nazarena.

A few weeks ago, I got these shoes.  I've been kind of embarrassed about getting them.   They were super expensive, although what I paid was $600 less than their selling price. I'm also not sure about when I would have the chance of wearing them.   Well, here they are:

I guess Alexander McQueen put out a bunch of things with this motif for last fall.  I like the suits with the stained glass.  I'm not sure about wearing a whole outfit with the design, though.  For me, just the shoes are good.. I wouldn't want to overdo it.  The women's dresses and purses, though look nice.  A scarf might work, too, for either men or women.  But I am happy with the shoes.

When I first saw the shoes, I kept thinking of a scene in the movie, Performance,  towards the beginning, when James Fox, as a gangster, is trying to rent a room in reclusive rock star Mick Jagger's house to escape police and other gangsters.  Mick Jagger is saying he doesn't want any tenants.  James Fox is smoking a cigarette, and an ash falls to the floor, atop an oriental rug.  Mick tells Fox, that rug is 200 years old.  Fox  just says, "Valuable antique, is it?"  Anyway, when I saw the shoes, the  image from the film of the ashes falling to the rug kept coming to my head.

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