28 June 2014

Iris Silver Mist

I had two Barneys gift certificates totaling around $55, so decided to use them to buy a Serge Lutens bell jar.  I figured I should get Iris Silver Mist, even though the jury is still out on it.  Everyone adores it (I'm not so sure), and I think I should own it.  Andy at Barneys called someone, who turned out to be the Beverly Hills store, and it finally was delivered Friday.

The perfume I received is actually colorless.  I was trying to compare it with L'Artisan's Iris Pallida, and don't find a huge difference.  This is my fourth bell jar, after Bornéo 1834, Muscs Koublaï Khän, and El Attarine.   Truth be told the first two are kinda fakes, as I bought decants with 15 ml in bell jars of them from The Perfumed Court, and dumped the contents of my spray bottles into them.  So, if you don't count them, this is my second bell jar.

Andy was nice enough to give me a 10 ml sample of Byredo Accord Oud and a 15  ml of L'Artisan's Prémier Figuier.  I may give them both away.  I have the Premier Figuier Extrême, which I think I like better.  Fig works weird on me.

L'Artisan had a sale today, with lots of things on sale for $15 - $28 or so.  I grabbed a bunch, including La Chasse aux Papillons body creme, Mûre et Musc body oil, shower gel, and body milk, plus a gift set of Mûre et Musc Extrême (which I kinda hate -- it smells like grape Kool Aid on me).  I told Carmon, the manager of my condo building, about the sale, and by the time she went to the site, the sale was over.  I had made my purchase the same day!

I figure I can use these for gifts throughout the year.

EDIT:  The Mûre et Musc Extrême gift set did not come.  I wrote to L'Artisan and, unfortunately, they were out of them.  They gave me a 20% off voucher code, which I thought was nice, and will refund the amount for the set.  I gave my sister the dry body oil (I was at her house for dinner tonight [July 3]) and the Premier Figuier 15 ml.

Photo from SergeLutens.com. 


Shera Pop said...

Congrats on the Iris Silver Mist--I'm jealous.

A propos of the L'Artisan sale: the pickings were pretty slim this year, no? All I saw were Nuit de Tubéreuse and Mûre et Musc gift sets. No other perfumes...

Probably the UK site had more, but I did not even bothering looking there this time, since they won't ship overseas. Perhaps they can't because of postal restrictions.

Shera Pop said...

Oh wait: come to think of it, there were also Vanille Absolument and Coeur de Vétiver. But I already own them. ;-)

Furriner said...

Yeah there was really nothing that I wanted for myself. I also have Vanille Absolument and Coeur de Vétiver -- and backups -- already. I figured the Mûre et Musc stuff would go over as presents, and I have a lot of birthdays coming up. I thought I bought the solid perfume , too (it was only $15!) but I guess I didn't.