22 December 2014

End of the Year

A few weeks back, I ordered a couple of things, which came last week.

First, I got Serge Lutens Five O'Clock au Gingembre.  I was thinking it was close to Tea For Two.  However, they really don't resemble each other much, with the Serge being more along the lines of Daim Blond than I remember....

I was really in the mood for tea, so I also ordered Gucci Pour Homme II, which I remember being a nice tea scent.  However, I was very disappointed with it when it arrived,  It smells a lot more chemical than I remember it.  Maybe it's been reformulated.  Sadly, Gucci Pour Homme (I) is nowhere to be found. I do have a sample of that.

The Gucci bottle is kind of impressive.  You could probably kill someone with it, it's so heavy. A murder weapon in a Peckinpah film (I'm thinking of the use of the telephone at the beginning of The Naked Kiss).

From another store, I ordered a travel set of Amouage Gold Man, which was relatively cheap.  The one ounce of juice will probably last me a lifetime.  Gold still has that opening which could peel paint off a wall, but I've always liked the drydown a lot.

I also ordered Epic Man shower gel, which was really impressively packaged.  I never would think of giving someone shower gel for a gift, but the packaging is so nice I might do that in the future. I should have gotten some Christmas presents along those lines.  Now it's too late, alas, to order online in time for Christmas.

This is the bottle, which is kind of nothing special. The box, however, is very heavy, almost a piece of wood.  The box below is for Gold, but it looks similar to the Epic Man box. The colors are a bit different.

Maybe I'm easily impressed.

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