22 January 2015

Back from Japan

After about a week and a half in Japan, I am back.  I have two more days, less now, left before I go back to work Friday night.

My bottle of Aedes de Venus's awaited me when I returned, and I am glad to report that I am extremely happy with this purchase.  It is much better than I remember it being.  People referred to it as Jubilation XXV lite -- I don't quite get that.  I have never really been a fan of the Amouage.  It's not bad.  I just never saw what people were all worked up about. L'Artisan's Aedes de Vensuas, nosed by Bertrand Douchaufour, is really beautiful.  It's a shame it is being discontinued. Plus, it was a real steal.

At Narita, I ventured into the Hermès shop.  The SAs this trip didn't seem to know much.  Much of the stock in the smaller bottles was low or out.  I sampled Epice Marine.  I liked it, and may have gotten 15 ml as part of the set had it been there.  They didn't have the recent Cuir d'Ange, which I was also interested in trying.  I ended up getting a 100 ml bottle of Rose Ikebana -- which was kind of what I had been planning all along.

Since it was kind of duty free, and with the stronger dollar to yen lately, it only ran me about $180, where it is normally $240 plus tax at Hermès boutiques, so not a bad deal.  This is my second full bottle of one of the Hermessence line, the first being Osmanthe Yunnan.


Shera Pop said...

Welcome home, Furriner! Glad that you have some new bottles to enjoy. Your experience with ignorant SAs sounds pretty typical, unfortunately...

Furriner said...

Well, previous visits at this particular store have been more felicitous. Thanks, though!!