05 February 2016

Honey, Don't

I got a few more things, smaller.

First up, Tokyomilk Honey and the Moon, 30 ml.  Nope this is not good at all.  Smells like hairspray.  At least it was on sale and not expensive. Maybe I'll give it to Diana.

Beauty Habit had a bunch of things on sale.  They also had 14 ml. bottles of some Histoires de Parfums at reasonable prices, so I got three:  Ambre 114, Noir Patchouli, and Tubéreuse 3: Animale.

As Amber is a note I really can't stand, I will probably never wear Ambre 114.  I always thought it was one of the ambers I could stomach, but, maybe not. Anyway, 14 ml is a good size.

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