20 April 2010

Mûre et Musc

I just bought L'Artisan's Mûre et Musc, in a 50 ml. It is the old bottle. Luca Turin in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, says that it has been reformulated, and that the old version was better. I don't know if this is the older version or the reformulated. I am not sure when they changed the bottles. My recent L'Artisan acquisitions (Dzongkha, Timbuktu, Les Épices de la Passion) have all been the older bottles. Mûre et Musc smells like the L'Artisan sample they sent me last fall, though. I prefer this to the Extreme version. The Extreme, to me, smelled too much of grape Kool-Aid. Mûre et Musc is not my favorite L'Artisan, but I like it, and had been thinking of getting it.

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