19 June 2010

Al Oudh

Today, went to Barney's, and, yes, got a bottle of Al Oudh. It's pretty skanky if you ask me. I really like it a lot and will be eating oatmeal until the next payday.

I really should be reviewing things here so maybe someone might be kinda sorta interested in reading this.

I think I will make a list of stuff I own... that's a start.


Michael Mattison said...

Congrats -- "Al Oudh" is fabulous stuff! Yes, skanky in all the right ways. One of the very best oudh scents, I find, and one of the best L'Artisan scents at that. I wish I had an open slot for another hot-and-sweaty, warm-and-musky scent, though I may have to find room for this semi-permanently.
Take care,

Furriner said...

I love it. A lot of people don't seem to like it and claim it is "oudh lite" or something. It is one of my favorite fragrances.