13 April 2013

Oud Shamash

Yesterday, on the way home following a particularly grueling week at work, I was taking public transportation home with Miguel from work, and it turns out he is into perfume as well....  He said he was going to be going downtown today to shop for something.  When I asked what, he said maybe something By Kilian..... So we talked a bit before he had to get off the train.  He almost bought some Amouages when he was in Kuwait.  He said they were $100 in duty free.

Anyway, since we were talking about that, I figured I would go to Barneys today, which I did.  I was going to get Comme des Garçons 2 Man again.... but got sidetracked and got The Different Company's Oud Shamash instead.  I am not particularly a fan of this house, so I hope I continue to like it.  I got a sample of it a while back, and remember it being kind of sweet, which I didn't find it so today.

I also got rather large samples of La Fille de Berlin and Tubéreuse Criminelle.

Image from The Different Company.


*jen said...

$100 Amouages? Swoon.

Furriner said...

So he said.... I work for an airline... so we can fly there cheap... IF we can get on a plane and back! My co-worker went recently (and on to Dubai and Doha) and I did think about asking him to look, but didn't think he would be interested. Had I known.....

I may try going myself, now, next time I get some time off. I have the Amouages I want at the moment, though I haven't tried the most recent ones.