30 December 2015

Some new things before the end of the year I've failed to post

I did get some new things since I last wrote.

Soivohlé Oudh Lacquer, 30 ml.  It's ok, nothing exciting but nice.  Not particularly oudh-y but definitely chocolatey. They did send me samples of Carpathian Oud, Meerschaum, and Amun Re Tears of Ra, which I am looking forward to trying.

Someone started a Serge Lutens fan thread on Basenotes, so while on there, there was a sale at the sergelutens.com site (US) where, if  you spent more than $135, they would include a free gift of Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir.  I figured it would be the empty one, so I ordered Fille en Aiguilles, 50 ml., which I had never gotten.  I think it's much easier to wear when it's cold.  I used to think it smelled like crayons (Chypre Rouge definitely does).

Anyway, it turned out the offer gave you a choice of four fragrances:  Ambre Sultan, Feminité du Bois, Fourreau Noir, or Iris Silver Mist. As I have three of the four, and hate Ambre Sultan, this was a tough decision.  I was going to choose Iris Silver Mist, but never really wear it.   In the end, I chose Fourreau Noir, which, if you are keeping score, I just bought a bell jar of. So now I have tons of it (the atomizer comes with 60 ml of perfume! ). Anyway, this was definitely a deal.  The site lists the atomizer with Fourreau Noir at $190!  The offer ended up being on the site for only one day.  Do I love Fourreau Noir that much?  I'm not so sure.  I'm wearing it on one wrist and my bête noire Chergui on the other right now and they are very similar.

Moving along.

I dropped into Barneys last week and lo! and behold, Comme des Garçons Luxe: Patchouli (45ml) was available, so I got that.  Yes, it's pricey -- more so than the Serge bell jars!  But I really do love it.

Anyway, I think that brings me up to date.  If I've missed anything I'll add them here.

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