02 May 2013

Gave Away....

Yesterday I gave away my bottles of...

Amaranthine and Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune to Gisela at work.  She liked them both.  She was confused why I was giving them away. I told her that I really liked Amaranthine, but that it just didn't work on me.  The Guerlain, well, it smells like urine on me.  She didn't get that on her.  She may pay me for them.

Mugler Cologne to Brian at work.  It was actually the Open Sky untitled one that I got.  Anyway.  I hate it. Brian said he really liked it.

My 50 ml girly bottle of Mandragore and my 15 ml mini of Myrrhe Ardente to Janet.  She likes them, but it is a shame now that it is finally getting warm, because these work better in the cold.   I still have bottles of these in my collection, though.

I'm kind of sad to see Amaranthine go, but, really, I would never wear it. If Gisela didn't like it, I would have given it to Janet to see if she would have liked it.

I may be going to Japan on Saturday.  I have a week off.

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