11 September 2014

Meeting Sara After Work

Last night I met Sara for Barney's bag event.  I was going to order a bell jar of Miel De Bois, but Andy and Sara convinced me to get L'Artisan's Rappelle-Toi.  Although I wish I stuck to my guns, I do like the L'Artisan more than the other two semi-recent Explosions d'Emotions..... Sara got Haute Voltige.

I also had ordered Donna Karan Black Cashmere from Neimans, which finally was delivered yesterday, along with Fleurs de Citronnier from Lucky Scent.

I'm on  a diet, natch, so I sat with Sara and her friend Shannon, who always seems to show up, while they ate at Connie's, and didn't get home until fairly late (for me). I didn't sleep a whole lot today.

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