20 September 2014

New Glasses

Same as the old glasses?




Shera Pop said...


I thought of you when I received my Barneys fall bag event postcard. Hopefully I missed the festivities...

I am in Colorado caring for my mom's shih tzu while she and her husband are on a cruise. Fortunately, Jula is a very cat-like pup. ;-) Unfortunately, she is allergic to perfume! ;-(

Can I really forego perfume for two weeks?!!!

Furriner said...


Yeah, the bag event is over.... The day I was there it was more crowded than the last few have been. I think the last time they upped the required purchase to $250. This time, they brought it back down to $200, so that may have brought in more people. It coincided with the Le Labo city exclusives, too, so those so inclined could kill two birds with one stone.

Sorry to hear that you're being perfume-less for a bit, although it is nice getting away. It's good, though, that the dog is cat-like!