03 September 2015

Frango Mints

I recently made a few purchases.

First off, Serge Lutens Vétiver Oriental, which was available in 50 ml from a discounter.

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of the smell of Frango Mints (or, alternately, Fannie May Meltaways)?  Maybe I'm imagining things. I do like it and am glad I got it.  I've been on a Serge kick as of late.  I may get Mandarine Mandarin next.

I also got Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Saffron, which was on sale fairly cheap.  This was a blind buy.  I have yet to wear it extensively.  I was not expecting a whole lot.

Lastly, a retailer on Amazon.com was selling the elusive Shiseido Basala in the edt, so I got it.  It smells ok, but I fear it may be a counterfeit.  The lettering at the bottom of the bottle ("Eau de Toilette" and "Shiseido") rubbed off almost immediately when I opened the box.

I've been searching for this for years. It's near impossible to find.  I think I will give up looking. This is much stronger than the after shave, which I got several years ago.  However, it comes across somewhat thinner than I remember it.  It does last on my skin fairly long, though.

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