12 September 2015

White and Black

Once again, Barneys is having a bag event.  I got two Comme des Garçons fragrances:  White and Black -- nyuck nyuck nyuck.   I've been trying to get White for the past year, but they never had it in stock.  Also, perversely, whenever I want to get something by Comme des Garçons, the sales assistants always start to show me something else.   I guess they're too inexpensive!!

I had tried Black before, but thought it too sweet, but liked it.  I liked it much more today.  It seems more gourmand-ish than I remember it.  Anyway, so in an unimaginative way, I bought two related perfumes and was able to buy enough to get the bag.   I almost got Zagorsk, which I've been circling for a while, but figured I could wait until the weather got colder. 

I had been looking at the Le Labo stuff.  I actually am interested in getting Ylang 49.  A sales assistant came up to me asking me about the line.  I said I was interested in the ylang, and she started showing me Vetiver 46! What's wrong with these people???

I also did order Mandarine-mandarin, as I said, so will get another bag.  Today's bag was with women's samples.  Supposedly the one I'll get with the Serge is with men's samples. 

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