23 September 2015

Yet More

I just happened to be looking at the Women's Beauty section of the Barneys Warehouse web site (I almost never do) and they were selling the 20th anniversary bottle of 10 Corso Como for half off, so I grabbed it.  True, I already have 10 Corso Como, but I figured I would get this bottle.  I wonder if they smell the same. I can give my other bottle to one of my sisters for Christmas.  Anyway, I checked the web site the next day and it was sold out (along with a normal bottle of the 50 ml.).  So, good timing.  Groovy bottle.

I also ordered Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque (50 ml.) directly from the Serge Lutens web site.  Anyway, lots of giveaways:  5 ml. minis of Ambre Sultan, Un Bois Vanille, La Réligieuse, La Fille de Berlin, and Clair de Musc; 2 pages of the wax sample book; and 1 ml. spray samples of Bas de Soie and L'Eau Serge Lutens. Anyway, I'll give some of these away. Tamio said he liked L'Eau Serge Lutens the other day when I wore it, so I'll give him the sample. I don't like Ambre Sultan... should I keep it as reference? Give it away? I'm still deciding. I already have samples of Bois de Soie and La Fille de Berlin and I own Un Bois Vanille.

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